58 Things We Can All Be Grateful For

Today’s Affirmation:

My life is filled with one positive experience after another. I make use of every experience in my growth.

Here are 58 things to be thankful for. Some may seem counter-intuitive. However, even the negative sometimes is worthy of our thankfulness. I’ve probably left some off my list. Leave a comment today and let me know what you are thankful for.

  1. Sun – without it’s warmth and light we could not exist.
  2. Earth – the beautiful planet that sustains us.
  3. Water – the sauce of life.
  4. Life – each and every morning we wake up is a new chance to be the person we want to be.
  5. Shelter – something to shield us from the elements.
  6. Children – the happy nature and innocence of children remind us how we are meant to be.
  7. Food – an absolute blessing for those who struggle for it and something to be more appreciative of for those of us who never worry about our next meal.
  8. Faith – our faith in ourselves and in something greater than ourselves.
  9. Minds – the power to think, to reason, to grow, and to adapt.
  10. Lines – for making us slow down and enjoy where we are.
  11. Compassion – for getting over ourselves to consider and understand someone else.
  12. Hope – reminds us there is a potential upside to every situation.
  13. Giving – when we give we remember that nothing truly belongs to us and it frees us from our attachments.
  14. Receiving – the opportunity to have our needs met while allowing others to give.
  15. Fear – for teaching us love, strength, and humility.
  16. Work – whether a career, a hobby, or community work; the sense that we have something to do when we get up in the morning is something to be thankful for.
  17. Sleep – for providing a way to rest the body.
  18. Friendship – those people who choose to spend key parts of their lives with us.
  19. Family – those people we wound up with by fate, but stay with out of love.
  20. Anger – for teaching us the benefits of peace.
  21. Peace – peace within and as much peace without as we can muster.
  22. Sight – the ability to see the beautiful world we inhabit.
  23. Love – the glue that holds us together.
  24. Difficulty – for making us strong and giving us something to compare with the heights.
  25. Stars – the wonder and glory of the night sky.
  26. Hatred – for reminding us to love (may we need ever-less reminding)
  27. Surprises – the wonderful things in life that we didn’t expect.
  28. Visionaries – people who see the world not as it is, but as it could be.
  29. Change – the ever-present possibility of improving ourselves and the world.
  30. Purpose – the plan to achieve something in this life and the firm belief that you can.
  31. Wind – a source of comfort, energy, and a metaphor for change.
  32. Music – the soundtrack of our lives.
  33. Possibility – the memory that something more and different is out there.
  34. Today – an opportunity to make the most of what we have.
  35. Tomorrow – the hoped for opportunity to continue our dreams.
  36. Sorrow – for making joy possible.
  37. Joy – the deep and intense happiness about being alive.
  38. Freedom – the ability to think, act, and be who you are.
  39. Acceptance – the ability be at peace with how things are for the moment.
  40. Learning – the opportunity to enhance our potential.
  41. Success – the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our work.
  42. Adversity – for reminding us how strong we can be.
  43. Grass – for carpeting our planet and being a nice place to lie and look at the sky.
  44. Soil – a medium to grow food and plants.
  45. Moon – the most beautiful object in the night sky and the timepiece marking our lives through its phases.
  46. Innovation – for improving our experience of life.
  47. Dreams – the fuel that drives us through tough times and gives a reason to aim high.
  48. Options – the ability to choose.
  49. Sharing – the opportunity to pool our talents and resources.
  50. Flowers – they add beautiful sights and smells to our world.
  51. Clouds – for bringing the rain that cleanses and for helping me appreciate the sunshine.
  52. Mountains – they provide beauty, challenge, and the ability to see a long way.
  53. Oceans – beauty, unimaginable power, source of life and transportation.
  54. Competition – the opportunity to test ourselves and to improve.
  55. History – for teaching us the lessons we need to learn over and over until we get them.
  56. Future – for giving us the opportunity to try again.
  57. Death – for reminding us of life’s value.
  58. Meaning – the search for which makes our lives the journey that they are.

Stay inspired!


Ray Davis is the Founder of The Affirmation Spot and focuses on empowering minds to think positively, achieve goals, and live dreams.

anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay’s latest speculative fiction novel, Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation, is turning heads.

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Releasing Stress on National Stress Day

Today’s Affirmation:

“I become aware of the little things that are stressing me out and develop strategies to deal with them effectively.”

Overworked business man.Today is National Stress Way – a perfect opportunity to discuss ways to destress.

We often attribute the stress in our daily lives to what is happening on the outside. “My schedule is so busy” or “Work is a bear right now” are common reasons we give others and ourselves to explain the stress we feel.

No doubt, these things contribute to our stress. However, some of the extra “weight” we carry around is mental. It’s all the little unresolved problems and distractions flittering, as they do, at the edges of our awareness that create stress in our lives disproportionate to their actual importance.

Collectively, these little stressors create murky, undefined sense of dis-ease that can permeate our days and lessen our enjoyment of life.


How do we deal with these minor hindrances? Well, the first we have to do is to become aware of them. Can we identify them and name them? It’s almost impossible to address them unless we know what they are.

One effective way for surfacing these issues is to spend a little quiet time alone at some point in the day. Just allow your thoughts to flow freely without evaluation and take note of the concerns, worries, or issues that arise.

These small issues are like children clamoring for attention. They will usually make themselves known when you listen.


Once you identify an issue, you can:

  • Estimate its importance.
  • Take steps to resolve it.
  • Recognize its relative insignificance and let it go.


These pesky stressors are the puff fish in our lives. You may be familiar with this kind of fish. It has the ability to blow itself up to appear much larger than its actual size to intimidate would-be predators.

Especially when we have an emotional investment, these little issues can cast a longer shadow in our lives than is warranted by their actual importance.

The key to breaking their hold is perspective. Here are three strategies for getting that perspective.

  1. Deja-Vu – we have probably faced situations similar to the one we are stressing about now and it probably came out OK. Most of the things we stress ourselves about never happen or are not as bad as we imagined them to be. Think of two or three examples of times when similar things worked out fine and your worrying did not alter the outcome. Then let go.
  2. The 30-Day Test – ask yourself whether this issue will still have the significance you are giving it now in 30 days? In six months? A year? If not, it probably is not really as important as it seems right now. Do what you can about it and then let it go.
  3. The Quasar Comparison – this is the “big scheme of things” approach to releasing the issue. Our problems, as big as they seem to us sometimes, are mostly insignificant in the big picture. Quasars are very powerful and distant objects at the edge of the visible universe. They are billions of light years away and a reminder of our universe’s sheer scale. A picture of a quasar can easily be found online. I keep one nearby to remind me how small my problems really are compared to the vastness of space and time. When realize this may not be as life and death as we are making it out to be we can let it go.

In closing, I am certainly not advocating avoidance of real problems in our lives. What I am saying is that our quality of life can improve when we find ways to jettison those annoying little stressors that hold us back.

I’d love to hear from some of you about strategies you use to reduce stress.  Leave a comment.

Have a peaceful and prosperous day!


anunnaki_cover_full_colorMaria Love is the Chief White House Correspondent for ANN. The fictional network appears in the new speculative fiction offering- Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation by Ray Davis. This novel is shaking paradigms among skeptics and believers alike in the area of human origins. It’s a clever mix of ancient knowledge, modern conspiracy, and page-turning excitement.

One reader wrote, “(My) mind is officially blown!”

Get your signed copy at AATrilogy.com.

Author Graham Hancock said, “We are a species with amnesia.” This book begins the awakening. Is it fact? Is it fiction? You decide!

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Just Saying ~ October 7th

Photo post by @PersiaKarema.

Source: Just Saying ~ October 7th

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What If You Already Had Everything You Always Wanted?

Originally posted on Rex Sikes' Daily Inspiration and Gratitude:

horizon blue and red sky

“We think we are separate but we are not. We are all connected in every way. We are all humans made from the same stuff. We breath the same air, live on the same planet. We are one species. We are one people.

We are one. Some will tell you we are made from the same stuff that everything there is is made from. I don’t disagree. You and I and plants and trees and rocks and things are all made from the same stardust.

We seem to forget that. We think we are separate. That is the big illusion and delusion. Some believe we purposely forgot in order to re-discover, in order to play the game. Whether that is accurate or not I can appreciate it.

Seek And You Will Find

Certainly, we seem to have forgotten something. Who we are at our very core. It seems we are…

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Pangaea, Plate Subduction, and Ancient Civilizations – Chapter 22 Excerpt

pangaeaDo natural forces upon the Earth hide evidence of extremely ancient advanced civilizations? Have supercontinents, continental drift, and plate subduction hidden evidence for past advanced civilizations on Earth? Does even the great Antarctic ice sheet hide such evidence?

Over the past couple of decades, cities, once thought mythical, have been discovered beneath the oceans around the world. Potentially older structures like Bimini Road and Yonaguni (List of Five Most Myseterious Underwater Structures) have added to the mystery.

These lost cities seem to be the victims of merely ordinary changes in sea levels. They can be discovered by divers and submarines. What about when we add continental drift and plate subduction to the mix?

subductionSubduction is the process of one of Earth’s plates pressing beneath another, effectively wiping away anything that might have existed on that plate. The material forced back down toward the bottom of the Earth’s mantle. The latest scientific theory is this works like a conveyor belt of sorts. A current example is the convergence zone between the North American and Pacific plates. This process forms mountain ranges around the world.

Meanwhile, the formation and dissolution of supercontinents, the most recent and famous of which is Pangaea, pulls apart continents. This process could scatter and destroy ruins of remotely ancient cultures.

Could these forces have eliminated evidence of the extreme antiquity of human or other advanced civilizations on Earth? The practical answer is yes. Did they? That’s THE question.

In Book 1 of Anunnaki Awakening, Inanna shares the beginnings of the Anunnaki interaction with Earth civilizations and describes what those civilizations knew of even older advanced civilizations. This is, of course, speculative and fictional, but worth thinking about.

In Chapter 22, Inanna shares the following information.

“The evidence for the newest of these previous civilizations is all around you, but your science refuses to acknowledge it. Older evidence is below the sea. Your scientists have yet to uncover it. Evidence for the oldest civilizations on Earth is forever lost—the victim of your planet’s subduction.”

“There is much more to tell about the history and interaction between the Anunnaki and Earth cultures,” Inanna said. “Everything I’ve told you happened during our third extended interaction with Earth. Our first contact with your planet occurred nearly 2 million earth years ago. At that time, a civilization sometimes called the Lemurians inhabited the earth.

“The Lemurians were a highly advanced civilization spiritually and mentally. An ordinary Lemurian was capable of moving massive objects solely with the power of thought. Their average life span was about 1000 earth years. Their primary focus was the development of a spiritual resonance with the earth.

“Lemurians were a somewhat global civilization inhabiting much of what is now called the Pacific Rim. Some of their largest cities are now beneath the Pacific, as more land mass was exposed in their time. They possessed moderately developed transportation and communication systems. They lacked space travel and focused on spiritual development rather than technological or economic advancement. We developed a trading relationship with them. They showed us how to use the power of the mind to connect with The Father Creator. They were a peaceful race and our good friends.

“Among them were individuals so developed they could transport themselves from one place to another or one time to another, when in deep meditation. They were aware of nine previous advanced civilizations on Earth. Some possessed technological sophistication beyond what the Anunnaki have today. These civilizations made Earth one of the great technological and cultural centers of the known galaxy. This is why so many alien species are aware of Earth’s existence. Eight of your ancient civilizations met cataclysmic destruction. Survivors rebuilt, but it usually meant starting from scratch. In the eighth cycle, leaders planned to preserve information and carry it over into the next cycle.

The resulting ninth civilization developed rapidly and became so technologically advanced they were able to move planetary bodies. They determined that having a moon orbiting the earth would be beneficial for colonization. They captured the object you now call the Moon and towed it into position around the earth. They also captured Tiamat’s largest moon— the planet you now call Mars – and towed it into its own orbit around the sun. Again, the goal was colonization.

“Without its two largest satellites, Tiamat’s orbit became unstable. It orbited too near Jupiter and Jupiter’s gravity pulled it apart. This event hurled tiny planetoids into the inner solar system and devastated the civilization then on Earth. It also created the asteroid belt.

“The Lemurians were the direct successors to this civilization. The survivors swore off all but necessary technology in favor of a spiritual approach to life. For nearly 3 million years, the Lemurians lived peacefully upon the earth.”

Be peaceful Be prosperous!


anunnaki_cover_full_colorRay’s new speculative fiction novel – Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation – is shaking paradigms among believers and non-believers. It’s a clever mix of ancient knowledge, modern conspiracy, and page-turning excitement.

One reader wrote, “(My) mind is officially blown!”

Author Graham Hancock said, “We are a species with amnesia.” This book begins the awakening. Is it fact? Is it fiction? You decide!

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Earth Beneath My Feet

Originally posted on MY PLACE - POETRY , AFFIRMATIONS & MORE:


I wish I could just flip the world

and walk upon the sky

with the clouds beneath my tired feet

and the earth above me high


I would swim and glide through perfect blue

exploring every cloud I see

I would ask the stars for stardust bright

for when the night fall downs on me


Like a bird I’d fly , I’d twist and turn

closing my eyes , sun against my skin

I would humbly ask the eagles how

to dance gently in the wind


I would dance and turn and fly about

till rest begged me to sleep

Then I’d open my eyes and my twisted earth

would be back against my feet


Written by: Corrina Leblond

Photo by : http://arenacreative.com/

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6 Tips for Using Affirmations

anunnaki_cover_full_colorCheckout Ray’s breakout speculative fiction novel, ”Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation White House correspondent, Maria Love, discovers a shocking secret about alien intervention in the distant human past. That discovery puts her on the path of an even more stunning revelation.

One reader wrote, “I’m loving the book. There’s only one problem. I was so into the story that I missed my bus stop.” Another reader emailed to say, “My mind is officially blown!”

Is it fact or is it fiction? You decide!

Silhouette of a man figure meditating in the outdoorsMany affirmation gurus suggest that all affirmations be written in the first person. First person affirmations are the most effective when reading, writing, or saying affirmations. Most people do not feel comfortable looking into a mirror and using “you” affirmations. However, audio affirmations open up a whole new realm. Listening is more passive than speaking or reading and you are used to hearing people speak to you in the second person.

My 25 years of experience with audio affirmations demonstrates that second-person affirmations are highly effective as audio affirmations. They offer “outside” confirmation of the first-person version of the affirmation.

  1. Commitment – keep in mind that the key to using affirmations – audio, written, or spoken – is commitment to your goal. Without a commitment to making the change or reaching your goal, affirmations are just words.
  2. Repetition – repetition is the engine of affirmation success. For an affirmation to do its job in transforming your thoughts, it has to get at least equal time with the negative thoughts you want to replace.
  3. How much/how often – speak, write, or listen to the first person affirmation 5-10 times and then repeat the second person affirmation the same number of times. Do this at least twice each day. Stay with the affirmation(s) for at least 30 days. Use them again if the old thoughts return.
  4. How to use first person affirmations – “Own” the first-person version. Speak or listen as if you are speaking passionately to yourself.
  5. How to use second person affirmations – ”Actively accept” the second person version. Speak or listen as if someone you respect is confirming your affirmation back to you.
  6. How to know you’re getting results – there are several criteria for recognizing an affirmation’s success.
    1. The old thought, behavior, or performance disappears or lessens.
    2. Your mood, thinking, behavior, or performance change in a positive direction.
    3. The old thought, behavior, or performance appears and your thinking immediately answers with the affirmation. This is really exciting. Your old thought is “I am stupid.” You think this thought and immediately it is answered by your affirmation, “I am highly intelligent.”

For example, following “I am beautiful” with “You are beautiful” provides subconscious external confirmation of the first-person claim.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.


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